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PORTER's representative series "SMOKY" has been updated 20 years since its release.

The biggest appeal of the "SMOKY" series is the original "Cordura Duck" fabric, which is packed with outstanding craftsmanship in each process from thread to weaving.

Zimbabwean cotton is used for the warp yarn, and the yarn is spun with uneven thickness. We use strong and flexible Cordura 1000 denier for the weft thread. It is very difficult to weave uneven threads of different thicknesses, but with the skills and ingenuity of Japanese craftsmen cultivated over many years, it has become possible to create a plain weave.

Cordura Duck, which was born in this way, has a unique texture that is not found in conventional textiles, combining the gentleness and natural look of cotton with the strength and luster of nylon. This fabric is a fusion of low-tech and high-tech, and the warp and weft threads are dyed differently to create a deep and flavorful color.

The interior uses an original jacquard fabric with the PORTER logo, making it lightweight while also being able to stand on its own.

The Vertical Shoulder Bag is the perfect size to store essentials such as your wallet and smartphone. It has not only interior pockets, but also front pockets and back pockets that make it easy to put things in and take them out, making it attractive for its functional structure. It is an item that is easy to use for everyday use or when traveling.

<Number of pockets>
- Exterior: 1 zipper pocket / 2 pockets with hooks
- Interior: 1 open pocket

Material:Front: Cordura duck (warp thread: uneven cotton thread, weft thread: Cordura nylon)(back side: acrylic coating)
Back: nylon jacquard(back side: acrylic coating)
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