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Using the original fabric "X-C1000" as the main material, it is a total series "PORTER HYBRID" that has a wide range of items from business bags to accessories.
We used an original fabric that is lighter and more functional than it looks, and finished with a calm design that goes well with any occasion or style. The wide variety of item configurations that can be used by a wide range of customers is also attractive.

"X" was developed in cooperation with "DIMENSION-POLYANT", which has a reputation for developing fabrics for sails used in yachts and windsurfing, and "INVISTA", which produces many high-quality materials used in outdoor activities. -C1000" is an original fabric that combines "strength", "lightness" and "waterproofness".

The back of 1000 denier cordura nylon, which has excellent strength and lightness, is twisted with polyester called X-PLY and arranged in a bias direction (diagonal to the fabric) to create a woven fabric. Suppressed stretching in the diagonal direction, which is a weak point of In addition, by laminating (crimping) a very thin PET film made of polyester material using a patented manufacturing method, it is possible to seal the weave of the fabric and prevent the intrusion of water such as rain and sweat. It is a material that is both durable and waterproof. For the gusset, we used the X-C1000's X-PLY fabric to make the shape of the bag look beautiful.

material:Front: X-C1000 (X-PAC Cordura Nylon) (Partly without X-PLY) Back: Nylon Ox (Black Hypalon Coating) Included: Cow Steer (Combination tanning, water repellent)
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